Law of Stone

LIFE WITHOUT CONDEMNATION! Moses is the man who carried the Ten Commandments of the Law on Stone to the people.  Doesn’t that image conjure up coldness and rigidness in and of itself?  Well, this is how many people feel toward the Old Testament and Covenant.  As discussed in last blog:(,) the Ten Commandments, written on […]

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Birthing Pangs…Deliverance!

Some may Struggle with Christmas 2015 We struggle this Christmas of 2015 after just witnessing our citizens of the USA gunned down by terrorists in San Bernardino, California.  We heard newscasts endlessly and noted that one of the killers was a woman with a 6-month old child.  We ask the question how can a woman […]

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I Am God Who Loves You!

BELIEVE that I AM the God who loves you. I AM the Creator of all that you see and all that you cannot see! I will guide you with My righteous right hand and with My eye, for you are the apple of My eye. You are My portion and My inheritance. I take great […]

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A Grieved Heart Made Whole

Grieved in heart, dear child, I have made you whole in My Presence. I AM holds this grieved heart in My hands.  Do you see this?  My hands holding your grieved heart with love to heal and make whole.  To do for you what you cannot do for yourself.  Brokenness is made whole in My […]

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