Veteran’s Day!

Remembering Veteran’s Day

One ordinary day, when my two kids were small, we were simply shopping for some household needs.  For some reason we began to talk about the country of the USA in which we live and what the word freedom looked like as compared to other countries.  I was explaining to them that others who had come before us had put their lives on the line in the military so that we could speak and walk freely as we choose.  That grandpa had fought in World War II so that we would not have to live in fear of another country and their way of life overtaking our own.  It was simple, profound and the fact that I am writing it down today will tell you how significant to this day that moment in time was.

Young and Old

A older man in the next aisle had overheard our conversation and saw the size of my children.  He encouraged me that he had been encouraged to overhear me handing down the story to the next generation.  Handing it down to the next generation so that they too would not forget. So they would remain thankful and grateful for our country, our freedom and those who had served to retain it.


I had no idea anyone was listening! I just remember tears welled up in  my eyes and at the same time, great gratitude and thanksgiving overwhelmed my heart and spirit.  The magnitude of debt that had been paid for me and my small children, so we could live a life of freedom!  Men like my dad who fought for those of us who were not even conceived at the time of WWII!   In that moment I saw the debt and the price through the eyes of a young mother for the first time!  I stood in a moment of awe.  I suddenly understood what my parents had tried to pass along to me.


It is the same rush of emotion and gratitude that whelms up in me every time I hear the Pledge of Allegiance or the singing of the Star Spangled Banner at a sporting event, Olympics or at the burial of a proud Vet!  As I watch the strong rugged men who have lost life and limb for this country bow their head to pray or choke back the same emotion and tears when they see the American Flag can level my heart to complete humility in a moment.  It’s amazing to me how these moments of deep reverence and meaning have shaped who I am and what I believe to be true about this incredible country we call the United States of America.


These brave, bold and courageous men and women of the military of the USA throughout our history have been battle ready at a moment’s notice.  They prepare and train and live lives to serve and defend other’s freedoms.  Their deep conviction and devotion is one quite honestly I don’t think I could serve in the same way.  So I pray that we would live in such a way that would honor their commitment to me and my family whom they may never know or meet in this life-time; and yet to whom I am so immeasurably grateful to for their contribution to the freedom we enjoy every day of our lives!


These men and women who put their lives on the line so that ALL may be free to speak out their hearts, minds and spirits, whether or not they are in line with their own.  Because that is what freedom is and that is what freedom does!  Free to protest if we see things differently.  Not to cause harm, but so that in the face of freedom, we might all consider each ones views and thoughts respectfully even when they don’t agree with our own.  It causes us to consider things we may not have, before.  It fosters the unity in the meaning of the word “United” in our country’s name. “United”, when done with mutual respect for life itself!

Humble Thanksgiving!

So with a humble heart of thanksgiving, to all who serve to keep us safe and protect our freedoms on this Veteran’s Day I say, THANK YOU.  Thank you to all who went before, for all who are presently living with battle wounds, and to those who continue to answer the call of freedom!  Thank you for your service in WWII, dad!  Your life lives on in all who call the USA home.  To all who live out their lives in freedom.  And may we never forget your sacrifice, never loose the holy awe and gratefulness of all that you secured for so many a generation!  Thank You God, the Creator of all life, Who watches over us all with love and compassion.

We Pray:

Lord, we pray for all our men and women who are the military forces of the United States of America!  Thank you for their lives and for their families and for their great service to our country. We thank You that they keep us safe and free!  Watch over them with Your immense and never ending love, presence, provision and meet their every need.  Help our leaders to help care for these who have served us with their very lives.  Help us to never forget them or their families and all that they have fought for our freedoms.  You created each one and intimately know each one’s sacrifice.  We thank you that You will meet them where they need You to be their God of grace who does for us what we are sometimes are unable to do for ourselves.  Bless these Lord, with every spiritual blessing onto heaven.  In Jesus Name above all Names.  Amen. Amen. and Halleluiah!



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