About the Author

Maryellen Boyle is a wife, mother, Christian, author, Bible study student, leader, Prayer Group leader, and speaker. Maryellen was raised in the Chicago, Illinois area, and earned a business degree from Northern Illinois University.

Maryellen met her husband Terry at Northern Illinois University. They have been married for 31 years. She worked in international sales until her daughter was born in 1991. In 1991 Maryellen and Terry moved their family across the country to the Seattle area to start a new business. She and Terry raised their son Brent and daughter Jena, who both still reside in the Seattle area.

Maryellen’s faith journey began in Chicago, and this faith matured in the Seattle area. Maryellen’s journey required a stripping of religion and some man-made rules and regulations to reveal the real relationship with Jesus and who God says is in His Word. This journey helped her discover the Jesus of Grace, and her heart is for others to know Him too. The truth has set her free, and she hopes it will set many more captives like her free!

Maryellen loves to encourage and walk alongside other women in Bible Studies and fellowship circles. She also participates in elderly care ministries, comforting with the love of Jesus. She is not afraid to challenge old mindsets. Her heart is for the body of Christ to be whole and strong, One healed person at a time. She hopes for all to be united by the Word of God and His teachings of grace. She hopes that her journey may inspire others to be healed of any hurts and wounds that have been caused by wrong teaching or error that can come, even from within the church walls. With the new found freedom, people can fully enjoy church, and receive the love of God. This will allow people to know the joy of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.